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Well, the results of our Most Important Gear Poll are in and the Running Shoes were a shoe-in with 50% of the vote.  (Shoe-in!  Clever, I know.)

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Also garnering votes were uniboob bras (second place), water bottles, BodyGlide and the ever-popular “other.” 

Highlights in the “Other” category included (not necessarily in order of importance…):



My inhaler.  🙂  I’ve gotta breathe.

Well, you can’t argue with breathing.  One of my favorite things to do.  And, coincidentally one of the reasons that I don’t particularly care for swimming.  Not that you asked.

ANYWAY, thanks for participating in our Great Gear poll. 

Have a great, healthy, active weekend, everybody!  😀

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What’s your most important piece of Running (or Other Workout) Gear?  What do you rely upon most?  What would you really, really miss if it were missing? 

Let’s see if you’re in the majority or if you’re a big abnormal wierdo.  (You know I mean that in love!)   

Take the poll.  Taking the poll will require two more seconds of your life than it took for you to read this post.  Just click.  It’s not brain surgery.  I’ll leave the post up through Friday night.  Have fun!

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Take a guess.  What do you think my Top Secret Cross Training Exercise is?  I’ll leave this poll open for a few days and then I’ll let you know The Rest of the Story early in week.  Until then, a Mystery!  Happy voting.  😀

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