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“Body Glide.   You’ll also need Body Glide.” 

Shelly was speaking a foreign language.  What on earth was she talking about? 

Well, evidently most of us “endurance athletes” (I still chuckle at myself when I think of myself in those terms) experience pain over the long haul where our sweaty skin rubs against, well, anything else on those long runs. 

I hadn’t even thought about this, much less conceived that there might be a product to deal with the issue.  But since I was fast approaching the day for my 5-hour run and the weather was expected to be in the 80’s with a heat index in the 90’s, I figured I’d best listen to whatever wisdom Shelly was willing to impart. 

The running community even had its own nickname for the outcome of this unfortunate experience:  Chub Rub.  Now being an ample person, I had plenty of opportunity for said chub rub, I’m sad to admit, so I was glad to hear there was a remedy! BodyGlide

Since that conversation, I’ve been astounded to witness during the preparation phases of many races the many creative places where runners have used Body Glide (and other similar products) to prevent the chub rub.  Some exceedingly un-chubby people have been spotted slathering it everywhere.  One friend of mine even has it in a mini-size to keep it with her when she runs long races!

And it works.  This is not a product endorsement, because I haven’t been paid to endorse them, but I can tell you that the stuff works.  And it’s one of the wierd little quirks of this running culture I’m glad to have picked up along the way, before having to face the dreaded chub rub personally.

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