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Just a teensy little announcement on it’s way next week…

Yeah, that’s right.  Actually, kinda Big Stuff on it’s way.

So. Excited! 

Unveiling it next week.  And because you’ve been SO wonderful and patient, you faithful Go Mommy! readers get to be the first to know! 

Check back and see what all the buzz is about.

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So I’M thinking this is funny. 

I wrote a post here a couple days ago and was completely surprised to find NO feedback or response at ALL.  I mean zero.  Zip. Zilch. Nada.

I’ve been away from my computer a few days, so could only check things mobile-y, so I didn’t have the chance to really go poking around.

So imagine my surprise when I found out tonight that the Post. Wasn’t. Here.  So weird.  I mean, I looked and looked.

At last, I found that I’d inadvertently posted it to one of my super-duper-alter-ego blogs.  It was actually on…(guys, you may want to avert your eyes for this one and come back on the next paragraph)…my crafting blog!  *Horrors*

See, I have these different little facets of my personality and I’ve kinda tried to separate them in my writing for my readers’ sake.  I figure, not everybody who cares about running or midlife necessarily cares about knitting (What the Craft?!) or Jesus (What’s God Got to Do with It?) or my weird philosophical ponderings about and silliness of my crazy life (What Matters Most).

In fact, I’d taken a vacation from these blogs as well and had even considered moving them to another platform when…OOPS…I inadvertently POSTED on one of them. 

So, because I am (quite obviously) technologically challenged, even if moderately amusing from time to time as a writer, I will just provide you the link to my silly little post on that silly little (crafting) blog ***macho athletes of all genders, I promise I will not reveal to ANYONE that you were visiting a crafting blog if you take a peek at this post*** and then you can pop over there and read it for yourself. 

The post is about That New Thing that I’m trying this week.  Once I’ve given you a chance to read it, I’ll update here in a day or two about all that’s transpired since then. 

I sure wish I had a brilliant explanation for this brain fart.  Thinking…Nope.  Got nothing.  Just OOPS.  Forgive me and rest assured, I’ll to my best to make sure that it never-never-never happens again. 

I hope. 


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And The Winner Is…

Thanks to everyone who posted yummy recipes as entries in The Contest.  We got a great variety and I believe that with the wonderful Weight Watchers Online, I’ll be able to put recipes into the system and have the computer spit the points right back out at me!  Can’t wait to try that. 

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for.  The Winner of the Contest is…

Lainey, the plastic cheese-wrapper gal!

Helaine, just let me know if you’d rather have the awesome running socks (I’ll need your size) or the awesome Pampie Chef mix-n-chop.  I’ll get it and send it ASAP. 

Thanks again to everybody for participating.  As we make these recipes in our test kitchen here at Land of the Happy Family, we’ll post comments and feedback and points and fun stuff about them.  That’s the plan, anyway. 


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Contest~Just So Ya Know

This post is “sticky,” which means it stays at the top.  I wanted to make it easy for you to find out where to put your contest entries.  The new post is here, never fear!  Just scroll down. 

Just so ya know where to post your recipes for the contest, please click the link to the 11.5.09 post and put your scrumptious entries in the comments. 

Link:  Place your recipe in the comments HERE.

Thanks from the bottom of our tummies!  😀

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