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Yes, that was the highlight of my workout routine. 

Came home after the Ninja’s very early hockey game with Great Intentions of getting So Much done.  Going on a run and decorating and cleaning and laundry and zzzzzzzz…….

Well, at least I’m refreshed for Monday!  😀

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Yesterday was a wonderful family day.

Yesterday was a 10-mile run day. 

Today is a Rest Day. 

Who knew after you’re 40 your body does most of its hard work when you’re actually resting

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Ahhhh.  Life is good.

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The day after my long run is a rest day.  Shhhh.  I’m resting. 

I’m posting a restful photo for you so you can enjoy the peace, too.   No need to thank me.  Just kick back and enjoy your Saturday.


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When you’re *ahem* older like me, your body actually needs a full 24 hours between workouts to recover.  That’s when  improvement actually happens.  Who knew?!

Meanwhile, shhhhhh.  😉

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