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It was after I’d committed to running the VA Beach Half Marathon with my brother that my training started in earnest.  The thought had occurred to me that there was no way I could fudge my way through this event without preparing for it.  My standard strategy for handling things for “me” (I’m-so-busy-doing-everything-for-everybody-so-I’ll-have-to-cram-my-stuff-into-the-last-few-days) was not going to work in this case, so we were going to need a New Way of Doing Things Around Here.

The challenge, of course, was (is) that I am Mom.  Which means, that like most moms, I am the default button in our family’s world (maid, memory, calendar-keeper, party-planner, temperature-taker, tucker-inner, light-turner-offer…you get the drift).   I know that this is where lots of mamas back-burner their exercise routines (It had been for me!).  How in the world can you get it all done?  In my case, I was committed to VA Beach, so we needed to find a way.

Plus which, when you take on training to run an endurance event, you are no longer just Mom.  You are now Mom Who Runs.  This means if you don’t want to collapse during your race, at least once a week while you are training, you must go on and recover from a long run.  These get longer as the training goes continues, so when Mom is out running (and recovering from running) 11 miles, Happy Family will need another default button.  Getting to that New Structure, requires some adjustments from every member of Happy Family.

And since I’m also a Homeschool Mom, I could not enjoy the freedom to run that some moms have while their kids are in traditional classrooms.  As if just being Mom Who Runs didn’t make the situation complex enough already!

This called for some serious creativity.  And cooperation.  And patience.  And teamwork.  And flexibility.

Now, many families with Moms Who Run or Dads Who Run or Kids Who Run are, I’m sure, laid-back and easy-going by nature.  This is great for those families, because it’s a wonderful environment to support Your Runner. 

Then there are families like mine.  At our best, we are intense, passionate, high-maintenance, dramatic, emotional, hard-headed, soft-hearted, strong-willed, fiercly-loving, God-fearing, driven, Type-A, fighter-warrior-performer-ninja-princess kind of people.  At our worst…well, never mind about that. 

While these can be great characteristics for an Individual Runner to possess, the combination of attributes can pose particular challenges when possessed by an entire Family Of A Runner.  Oy Vey~this running adventure I’d embarked on was going to make a LOT of waves. 

[Continued tomorrow!  🙂 ]

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This blog was named after my daughter M’s cheer.  I hear it at almost every finish line, at some starting lines, and as I’m headed up the hill out my front door on lots of my workout runs.  Sometimes I even hear it in my mind, when I’m having to push through or finish something hard. 

I never would have started running again had it not been for my daughters.  And a few great friends.  And a supportive husband.  And my brother’s encouragement.  And my mom’s help.  And an awesome running club.  And the grace of God. 

And running, after God Himself, has been the thing that has helped me maintain my sanity as I navigate this thing called midlife.  (Why did nobody ever tell us it would be like this, people?!) 

Why write about it?  Because that’s what I do. 

Maybe you’ll be encouraged or entertained or edified as you visit here.  For me, it’s a way of memorializing this unlikely journey so I can enjoy each footstep, in spite of my Type-A, goal-driven nature.   It’s a way of sharing the trip with my friends, family and (ha!) fans.  It’s a way of keeping my perspective and remembering what’s really important.  And a way of keeping it real.

 Enjoy!  I know I will.

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